Practice Management System

The eBios Practice Management System is a powerful software system designed to help outpatient clinics run more efficiently and with greater ease

The eBios Practice Management System is a powerful software system designed to help outpatient clinics run more efficiently and with greater ease. It is the perfect choice for clinics with one or more doctors and a receptionist, as it is simple enough to be used by all staff members, yet sophisticated enough to ensure that patient records are kept up-to-date and organized.

eBios is a robust system that serves all the needs of your clinic, from appointment scheduling to billing and inventory management. It can also be used as practice management software, allowing you to keep track of all your patients’ and Doctors’ information.



The eBios application is a lightweight alternative to full-fledged hospital management systems with a built-in database that can be used to manage routine activities like appointments and billing. It also has an EMR module that helps doctors document their patient encounters so that they can be easily accessed by other specialists or administrative staff at the clinic—leading to better-informed decision-making!

At Biosoft, we pride ourselves on enhancing the quality of clinic management & patient care with technological tools. eBios is a powerful clinic software that makes it easier for our doctors and reception staff to organize their workflows. All the features are customizable to the required configurations of the facility for organized service & better patient care.


Choose eBios PMS for Better Performance

  • Intuitive interface

    Intuitive interface

    Easy to navigate user-friendly interface designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, with clear labels and buttons for common tasks.

  • Customizable settings

    Customizable settings

    Customize to meet the specific needs of medical practice not limited to customizing appointment types, billing codes, and other settings to match workflows.

  • Minimal Training

    Minimal Training

    Comprehensive easy to use, with minimal training required. Get started quickly with online tutorials, videos, and user guides to help clinics get started quickly.

  • System integrations

    System integrations

    Integrate with other systems used by the clinic, such as electronic health records, billing systems, and inventory management systems.

  • Increased efficiency

    Increased efficiency

    Automates administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, billing, patient, doctor and inventory management to save time and reduce the workload of the clinic staff for better productivity.

  • Enhanced accuracy

    Enhanced accuracy

    Reduce errors in patient data with eBios electronic medical records and billing systems, manage doctor accounts, patient records & diagnoses, for improved accuracy and reduce the risk of malpractice.

  • Mobile accessibility

    Mobile accessibility

    Doc Assist is accessible from mobile devices, allowing clinics to manage appointments, patient records, doctors' dashboards and billing from anywhere with an internet connection.


Clinic management systems can be used by various types of healthcare practices, including:

General medicine clinics

Specialty clinics

Other Clinics

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