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We create high-performance, high-reliability technology solutions for the healthcare domain

Improve the efficiency of healthcare operations with eBios Hospital Information System. Our cutting-edge technology simplifies everyday operations with automation & streamlining workflows. eBios is the best healthcare software for professionals to access timely & accurate patient information to carry out informed decisions about patient care.

eBios health data management allows you to configure the data management & analytics to meet the facility’s specific needs. We have solutions available in both on-premises and cloud-based versions suitable for multi-site operations or specialized medical practices.


eBios will act as a core operating system for healthcare organizations. The digital health solution collects, stores, and manages patient data; automates routine tasks; provides decision support tools; and generates reports and analytics to support better patient care and operational efficiency.

We at Biosoft, aim to be your healthcare technology partner providing improved patient care and data management through automating patient registration, appointment scheduling, electronic medical records (EMRs), billing and accounting, laboratory and radiology information, and pharmacy management.


We believe, efficiency in automation

Choose eBios HIS for Better Management

  • Improved patient care

    Improved patient care

    Quick & easy access to patient information with protocols for patient safety, quality of care, and care coordination.

  • Increased efficiency

    Increased efficiency

    Automation of routine tasks, such as appointment scheduling and billing improves operational efficiency and reduces errors for better focus on patient care.

  • Better decision-making

    Better decision-making

    Timely and accurate information, decision support tools, and analytics to help informed decision-making about patient care.

  • Enhanced communication

    Enhanced communication

    Effective intra-facility & patient communication for improved care coordination, patient satisfaction, and overall health outcomes.

  • Improved financial performance

    Improved financial performance

    Efficient management of revenue cycle processes reduced billing errors and optimized financial performance.

  • Increased patient engagement

    Increased patient engagement

    Access to health information through patient portals, supporting patients to take a more active role in managing their health and healthcare.

  • Improved data management and security

    Improved data management and security

    Improved data management and protection of patient privacy via storing, managing, and sharing patient information securely and efficiently.


We believe, efficiency in automation





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