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Commitment to creating a unified healthcare ecosystem, fostering interoperability and data sharing among providers.

eBios is a groundbreaking, all-encompassing solution that sets a new standard in healthcare technology. This cutting-edge platform seamlessly combines the necessary applications for care delivery and accessibility, complemented by a robust analytical data foundation. The result? Rich insights, streamlined workflows, and empowered healthcare professionals and patients alike.

The healthcare industry demands unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of the region. Hence, we have meticulously developed healthcare IT solutions that seamlessly integrate with the centralized General Healthcare System (GESY) and the General Health Scheme (GHS) of Cyprus. This integration enables us to extend our services to all hospitals in Cyprus, ensuring comprehensive support for the entire nation’s healthcare landscape.


Rephrase complex data with simplified systems

Interoperability is a vital aspect of healthcare, enabling diverse information systems, devices, and applications to collaborate, exchange, and integrate data seamlessly. This harmonious coordination ensures quality patient care by facilitating the smooth flow of data across the continuum of care and providing relevant parties access to information when required. Our solutions champion interoperability, adhering to a multitude of standards, exchange mechanisms, and international nomenclatures

Encouraging seamless data exchange and elevating healthcare practices with our comprehensive interoperability support, we have cultivated a dedicated customer support team based here in Cyprus. This strategic approach ensures that we are in tune with the unique challenges faced by the Cyprus healthcare industry, enabling us to provide swift and effective support to our valued clients.

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